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Rivista di Studi italiani is a peer-reviewed international journal and comes out three times a year, in April, August, and December. Besides these issues others of a thematic nature may also be published during the year. It publishes articles in Italian, English and French and is available only online.

First published in 1983 in print edition, the journal’s change to the electronic medium in 2005 was motivated by the need to offer a wider and more articulated forum with which to promote the study and the knowledge of Italian language and literature in the world.

In order to foster the broadest possible dialogue, RSI neither favours nor precludes the use of any particular methodology or philosophical approach. Similarly, the content of the journal does not necessarily reflect the point of view of the Editorial Board and each contributor is solely responsible for his or her writing.
Despite the journal’s focus on Italian language and literature, articles on foreign authors, who have had a significant impact on Italian culture and civilization, are also welcome.
Of particular interest to scholars are the extensive Bibliographies of the journal as well as its special issues, in which specific themes or areas of current interest are investigated in depth by the various experts in the field.
RSI is equipped with a database, which extends to its entire collection, including the earlier volumes in print edition. The option of being able to navigate or conduct a search in Italian or in English is a feature intended specifically to accommodate a wide spectrum of the reading public.
Submissions to the journal should be sent to the Editor in electronic form (with footnotes at the bottom of the page), using preferably Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Word or any other compatible system/program.
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