Modern Italy
Journal of Modern Italian Studies
Anno XXI , n° 1, Giugno 2003 ( Contributi ) pag. 134-141

University of Toronto,
Toronto, Ontario
Playwright, independent film maker, journalist, and editor, Enrico
Bernard has finally decided to collect and publish his works (see
review article by Christine Sansalone in this issue) which, for nearly twenty years, for the most part, had remained unpublished. Bernard's theory had been that theatrical pieces, to be fully appreciated, must be seen performed on stage otherwise much is lost when they are simply read.
After having stopped writing plays in order to focus on his career as a movie director in the last decade, he now returns to the stage with a new one-act play Cenerentola Assassina. Next year Bernard plans to stage a longer
version of this comedy-drama, which will be performed as a two-act play.
That Enrico should have adapted three of his plays from Carlo Bernari's novels is not surprising. He is the third and youngest son of the famous author Carlo Bernari.
(This interview took place in Rome on July 6, 2003, a few days after the closing of his latest successful production of Cenerentola Assassina. A second part of this interview, in which Enrico Bernard discusses his works as an independent filmmaker, will be published soon).
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